Just a few weeks ago life worldwide was different: we were facing lots of challenges: wars, the climate change, right-wing populism and extremism, anti-democratic movements, poverty, worries about diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera, HIV/AIDS and measles. Now it is the turn of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and a lot is and will be different. The unpredictability of the development of the crisis, no current availability of vaccinations and medication, overwhelmed health care systems, tens of thousands of deaths worldwide are filling us with enormous anxiety, leading to a shutdown of the global economy and public life in nearly all countries affected. Information on new surprises, findings, changes reach us daily. 

We, Peer-Leader-International, VNB, VEN and Learn2Change-Global Network of Educational Activists, have partners all over the world and locally, in our own country, who we would like to encourage to tell us a lot about their experiences: about their everyday reality, about the changes they are experiencing in their personal and professional lives and their countries. They give us their insights into what has changed and what will change. It is also intended to encourage commentary, questions and exchange. Further questions are: What role could we play with our global perspective? What does this mean for the work on a sustainable future? What does education for this look like? And what can we do to ensure that we do not forget that the challenges mentioned above still exist and are exacerbating the negative effects of the crisis. We look forward to many contributions, discussions and insights about Corona on this blog and a real exchange. The blog offers a platform for all the thoughts that exist in people’s minds about the crisis and can not only promote mutual understanding and appreciation, but is also an opportunity for a global network to promote ideas for dealing with the current situation and for a better future.

The content of this website is created by people from all over the world to BRIDGE THE DISTANCE! Be part of a growing ‚Think-Tank‘ and share your thoughts, opinions, ideas as well as fears and hopes on the Corona-Crisis with others – worldwide.

INSIGHTS ON CORONA gives the oppoprtunity to have a little insight of what people in different countries and places all over the world think an feel, during the historic pandemic of the COVID-19 disease. We’re sure: There are stories to be told an voices to be heard!

As this is an open Blog, you’re free to send us pictures, text (Essays, Letters, lose thoughts, poems … ), video or audio files in english or german language for publishing. Let’s bridge the distance together by giving each other Insights on daily life in times of Corona.

Thanks for your commitment

Ines Rülander