Ukraine, Verkhovyna: Khrystyna Filypchuk, student

In these weeks, my life has changed dramatically a lot. After all, I have to stay home every day to keep myself safe from this virus. But I try to have fun and benefit from this time. I study remotely and connect with my friends online.

About the influence of the virus on my environment and family: I am used to being able to go out or go for a walk with my friends at any time. But alas, when COVID-19 was recorded in Ukraine, the authorities

introduced quarantine, so now I can’t just take a walk. It is difficult enough because I am used to constant, lively communication with my friends. My family also stays at home and tries not to show up in crowded places without a significant need.

If I have such a need, then we must wear protective masks, gloves and try to keep our distance with people. Also during the day we thoroughly and often wash our hands and use antiseptic.

During self-isolation, it was most difficult to refuse to communicate with friends and family. Because my family is extremely social and we are used to visit relatives every week. I miss it, it’s been weeks since I last saw them.

But despite all this, we have to thank the government for having introduced quarantine fairly early. But the downside is that our hospitals are not provided with different means of protection (gloves, masks, protective suits, etc.).
At this stage of self-isolation, I realized that people did not appreciate elementary, lively communication with friends, relatives, or even a simple trip to the store.

I think that after the quarantine people will be completely different. They will be more knowledgeable and experienced. They will change their attitude to simple things, and they will appreciate more of what they have now. It is no exception to our planet because, during the virus, we have all noticed that the planet is very good without human influence. It is self-healing. Perhaps when COVID-19 disappears, people will be more aware of themselves and their planet.

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