10,000 exchange students have been sent back home

France / Germany, Bunde: Ina A., 18, student

The internet can be a very dangerous place, coined by negativity, but this blog can be something beautifully inspiring.

Ina A.

Hi, my name is Ina, 18 years old, and I’m a former exchange student from Germany. I live in the north of Germany, next to the Dutch border, on a farm. This year I should be spending in southern France until July but unfortunately, my organisation aborted our program due to the upcoming risks for us abroad.

It was a Thursday evening in boarding school when the entire corridor decided to go crazy. Macron had just announced the closing of


Grow Ghana – Our Tech-NGO in times of COVID-19

Ghana, Accra / Kokrobite: Ezra Dodoo, 25, IT Youth Trainer

At Grow Ghana, our main goal is to give young students in Ghana a competitive advantage in a technological world by providing coding training sessions (using the Raspberry Pi) and soft skills training as well. This prepares them for a future full of opportunities. We are most passionate about our students and their progress.

We shan’t be taking the little things for granted anymore



Germany, Ostrhauderfehn: Angelo Coutinho, 19, Volunteer from Brazil (FöJ).

I am a Brazilian, living in my first months in Germany. With no doubt, one of the greatest benefits of living in Europe is being able to travel very cheaply, something impossible in Brazil. So, I found a flight to Poland for just 30 Euros. I bought it without thinking twice, how I have a cousin who lives in


Hallo seltsame „Hygiene“demonstranten!

Germany, Ostrhauderfehn: Harald Kleem, 66, Lehrer

Was bin ich froh, dass wir Naturwissenschaftler haben, die auf Fakten schauen. Diese Hirschhausens, die Leschs, die Drostens, Yogeschwars und die vielen, die nicht journalistisch unterwegs sind: Das sind Leute, die verstehen wollen, was warum wie funktioniert. In guter Tradition der Forscher wie Goethe, Humboldt, Einstein. Gemeinsam war diesen die Verantwortung für die Zukunft. Es waren keine „Fachidioten“ sondern Menschen, die verstehen und gestalten wollten. …


Corona could change attitudes

Ukraine, Verkhovyna: Khrystyna Filypchuk, student

In these weeks, my life has changed dramatically a lot. After all, I have to stay home every day to keep myself safe from this virus. But I try to have fun and benefit from this time. I study remotely and connect with my friends online.

About the influence of the virus on my environment and family: I am used to being able to go out or go for a walk with my friends at any time. But alas, when COVID-19 was recorded in Ukraine, the authorities


We share hope and solidarity from Ecuador and Colombia

Ecuador, Columbia: Claudia Gimena

The image expresses that our distance and confinement is only physical and geographical; we remain actively involved in social and environmental justice. 
We will hug each other again, is the desire of many people to get together as families and communities, and although our cultural language of greeting has “temporally” changed, the affection and the long to connect to nature and community spirit stays very alive.


Bosnia and Hercegovina: Monika, 20, student

1. What has changed for you in the last weeks?
I figured out what it’s like to have some time for yourself and your family.

2. How did the virus affect your surroundings/your family?
My family and I are much closer but also a lot stressed out because of all this. So we are being extra careful with this going on.

3. What did you need to give up, what do you miss?
I used to be very active in all my activities outside of the house so I


Lockdown in a small country – Interview

Luxembourg, City of Luxembourg: Jörg L., 31, Investment Fund Industry

The pair of shoes we have not bought yet, we’ll buy afterwards. But the coffee not spend with friends is lost.

Jörg L.
City Centre Luxembourg: April 2019

1. Who are you, where are you and what is your profession? Could you tell about your origin too, please?
I live and work in Luxembourg (more precisely in the City of Luxembourg). Before that, I studied in Denmark but I am originally from the North of Germany in Lower Saxony. Luxembourg, being the 2nd largest fund place in the world after the USA, I work in the industry or related to it since my studies. My role is


Happiness is in small things

Ukraine, Krasnyk: Kristina Martyshchuk, 14, student

Recently, my life has changed dramatically due to the unexpected quarantine of the coronavirus. At the moment, my cheerful and energetic life has paused. Why? I’m forced to sit at home because of quarantine. Except for self-development, I don’t do anything. During quarantine, I don’t meet friends, I don’t walk, I just sit in the house. I’m very energetic and it’s hard for me. Now I have almost no motivation because the coronavirus


People tend to value their lives more, their relatives, their friends

Brazil, Resende: Gabriela Pimenta, 2nd year of High School

What affected the most about my routine, obviously, as a student, was not being able to go to school, and also, what I used to do in my free time, for example, doing things outside of my house.
I live in a small neighbourhood, a bit far from the downtown, but, anyway, things changed here, people are staying inside, everyone is being more careful, markets have reduced the number of people who can enter, for example, 3 in 3, …

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