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Global call to re-think education – learn to change!

African, Asian, European and Latin American Countries
different cities worldwide
: Learn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists. Educators, practitioners and activists for change learn2change@vnb.de

Everything is related and interconnected


A group of Learn2Change-members from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America who met in several video conferences wrote the attached “Global Call to re-think education – learn to change!”. We call for a global turning of our paradigms of education, as well as of our production and consumption patterns, and the way wealth is being distributed and accumulated. We need educative activism against exclusion and


Music to change the world!

Germany, Brazil, Bosnia and Hercegovina, South Africa, Ukraine: Millenium Squad, musicians (Peer-Leader-International)

Sart a Change – Millenium Squad
A comment by Ines Rülander, Germany, Peer-Leader-International

In autumn 2018 Peer-Leader-International brought together young musicians from Brazil, Ukraine, Bosnia and Hercegovina, South Africa and Germany to create music songs from the scratch and record them within a short time.

All lyrics, as well as the sounds, were created to transport the important message of a sustainable future for everyone. …


Song: Inmate Solidarity

South Africa, Winterveldt: Nomatlou Mahlangu and the Golden Youth Club

Inmate Solidarity by Nomatlou Mahlangu feat. Golden Youth Club

A second song from Nomatlou and friends!
Find their first song on the topic Corona, Lonely Streets,

Lyrics to „Inmate Solidarity“
Sudden kisses and hugs
They become weapon of life
Physical distance and social distance
They act as a symbol of love


„Climate Cycle Tour“ meets „Bridge The Distance“

Germany, Ostrhauderfehn: Chuck Niessit, 33, project coordinator at Peer-Leader-International e.V.

Hello, my name is Chuck Niessit and I’m running the international project Climate Cycle Tour, in which we try to get more young people active in the topic of climate change.

Normally, we would be on our bikes through Bosnia and Herzegovina right now, riding each day to another place to have a public reading of our modern adaption


Song: Lonely Streets

Lonely Streets – Nomatlou Mahlangu

South Africa, Winterveldt: Nomatlou Mahlangu

Look outside my window
Lonely streets
I am asking myself if it’s good or bad
Comes a happy bird I smile again
They still have hope for a happy life


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