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Germany, Ostrhauderfehn: Chuck Niessit, 33, project coordinator at Peer-Leader-International e.V.

Hello, my name is Chuck Niessit and I’m running the international project Climate Cycle Tour, in which we try to get more young people active in the topic of climate change.

Normally, we would be on our bikes through Bosnia and Herzegovina right now, riding each day to another place to have a public reading of our modern adaption

of ‚Noah’s Ark‘, in which animals tell their climate-related stories, discussing with the audience about solutions and handing out workshops.
But the Corona-Crisis crossed our plans, so we started to think about different ways to hold on to the project and the important topic of climate change!

Maybe you saw in the media pictures or data of some effects on the climate and nature, due to the consequences of Corona-preventions, each country in the world had to implement.

We experience the links between those two topics right now, we experience that change is possible in a short amount of time if it’s necessary, so we need to learn (and already have learned) from this crisis and start to create a better future for everyone.

What we basically want to do on our project #ClimateCycleTour during the time of social distancing, is

  • to write about climate-related developments, links and data in our blog. So you’re invited to send us whatever you found on that to cct@peerleader.org

  • to digitalize the reading into audio and e-book

  • to have a bike-challenge EVERYONE can participate in making the kilometres, that normally would have been biked these days in Bosnia
    (Challenge instructions here).
    Chuck and Stanislav (see Gallery) meanwhile will bike all of these kilometres (2x250km/2×156 miles) – each one on his own in his country – Ukraine and Germany!

So if you are interested in the topic of climate change, you can join our website www.climatecycle.de, you can also write us a mail with your statement and we will post it in our blog, too.

As well you can comment this post here, on Insights on Corona, or send us your perspective or media related to the connection of Climate and Corona by filling out the form to participate in this international Blog!

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