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Serie 1/10: How Corona changed my life – Ulemu aus Malawi

Malawi, Blantyre: Ulemu Corney Nankumba

Wir von Peer-Leader-International e.V. wollen wissen, welche Erfahrungen junge Menschen weltweit mit der Corona-Pandemie machen. Dazu haben wir junge Menschen aus unserem Netzwerk befragt, wie sich ihr Leben und ihr Alltag durch die Corona-Pandemie verändert hat.

Dabei sind insgesamt 10 Video-Statements von jungen Menschen aus Malawi, Südafrika, Uganda, Brasilien, der Ukraine und Deutschland entstanden.

In diesem Video-Statement berichtet Ulemu aus Malawi über ihre Erfahrungen mit der Corona-Pandemie.

Serie: How Corona changed my life – Malawi – YouTube

Global call to re-think education – learn to change!

African, Asian, European and Latin American Countries
different cities worldwide
: Learn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists. Educators, practitioners and activists for change learn2change@vnb.de

Everything is related and interconnected


A group of Learn2Change-members from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America who met in several video conferences wrote the attached “Global Call to re-think education – learn to change!”. We call for a global turning of our paradigms of education, as well as of our production and consumption patterns, and the way wealth is being distributed and accumulated. We need educative activism against exclusion and


Insights on Coronavirus-Pandemic from Malawi – Interview

Malawi, Blantyre: Louis Zulu, 43, teacher

1) Do people around you take the pandemic seriously and follow the rules given by scientists and/or politicians?
Malawi recorded its first case of COVID-19 on 3rd April 2020. The government rolled out a number of initiatives immediately to avoid rapid spread of the infection through mass civic education on radio, TV, newspapers etc. These messages mainly reached the urban population, leaving behind rural people who do not depend much on electronic media to get news or messages but face to face contact through


„Climate Cycle Tour“ meets „Bridge The Distance“

Germany, Ostrhauderfehn: Chuck Niessit, 33, project coordinator at Peer-Leader-International e.V.

Hello, my name is Chuck Niessit and I’m running the international project Climate Cycle Tour, in which we try to get more young people active in the topic of climate change.

Normally, we would be on our bikes through Bosnia and Herzegovina right now, riding each day to another place to have a public reading of our modern adaption


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