Germany, Brazil, Bosnia and Hercegovina, South Africa, Ukraine: Millenium Squad, musicians (Peer-Leader-International)

Sart a Change – Millenium Squad
A comment by Ines Rülander, Germany, Peer-Leader-International

In autumn 2018 Peer-Leader-International brought together young musicians from Brazil, Ukraine, Bosnia and Hercegovina, South Africa and Germany to create music songs from the scratch and record them within a short time.

All lyrics, as well as the sounds, were created to transport the important message of a sustainable future for everyone. …

A saying is that music is an international language and in this case, it’s not only the output but the input as well!

It was a magical moment when people from different countries met for the first time and were able to „groove“ right into the first notes played. A melody and a team were born even on the first evening.
Day by day all participants experienced on top another international language: Feelings. Here mostly: Fun! 🙂

So if we’re able to understand the meanings of tears and laughter, to „read“ universal expressions of feelings, humans are equipped to empathise with others – no matter where they’re from! And that fact is our base and our future!

This song „Start a Change“ is one masterpiece of the group then named „Millenium Squad“ and resulted out of this first note played.

We hope you can feel the magic of standing together to create something for a better future, too – especially in times that can be rough and seem to tear us down like this Corona-Pandemic truly does – worldwide.
Music can be healing, inspiring and fun and we’d like to imagine you singing or dancing along to these sounds so that our music bridges the distance a bit.

This is a shoutout to all young, talented and brave musicians: AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhh YEEA YEEA YEEA…

Short documentary of the project

Short documentary:

More songs (Let’s Love Each Other, Nova Generacija) on our YouTube-Channel (click)

Millenium Squad:
Maruan (Babu) Florencio - Brazil
Angelo Coutinho - Brazil
Gabriel (Bié) Hardiman - Brazil
Fransina Mahlangu - South Africa
Steve Machaka - South Africa
Vasyl Yuzkov - Ukraine
Samuel Kok - Germany
Branko Bujic - Bosnia and Hercegovina
+ all other participants

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