Brazil, state of Minas Gerais: Alexandre Coutinho, 55, self-deployed (repairing bicycles, woodwork, paintings, etc.)

Our region is mountainous and touristic. We are isolated, we are not receiving guests, but we know that the region was taken as a refuge by many … We do not have registered cases of COVID-19 in the region, but in nearby cities, where we need to go with some frequency.

Many residents are not practising social isolation, they act as usual and this worries me!
We have a basic health unit, for

consultations only, without beds for hospitalization. In my opinion, the President of the Republic is a bad example of behaviour, trivializes the pandemic and disregards basic WHO rules. That worries!

The local economy depends a lot on tourism: hotels, restaurants, inns, cafeterias, fairs, gardening, services, etc., etc.

We are at home, we practice isolation, we have the joy of owning vegetables and some fruit in the yard. We are attentive and have no financial reserve, we need to work to pay our expenses.

A moment of extreme uncertainty in the political, social and economic spheres and also in the context of public health. More than ever, we need to review concepts and establish a more just society and also an absolute respect for nature.

We need each other and we always need nature!

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