Brazil, Visconde de Mauá: Ana Rita Nogueira, 54, artisanal producer of processed products

In the last 4 weeks, the spread of covid 19 in the world and in Brazil has radically changed my routine. I started social isolation. I am selling my products on the Internet, with extra care at the time of baking/cooking (wearing a mask at all stages). I am making the delivery at the house in Mauá, leaving it hanging on a bag. The consumer pays via bank transfer.

Tomorrow I go to Mauá to produce, after

10 days of isolation at Mirantão. There are no notifications of cases of covid 19 in Mauá (only in the city of Resende), nor in Mirantão. The two town halls, Resende-RJ and Bocaina de Minas-MG forbid visitation, no hotel or restaurant can receive tourists. Only health posts, hospitals, pharmacies and markets can be open.

They placed policing on the ascent of the mountains to prevent tourists from entering; and at Mirantão, 1 X a day, a patrol comes to check if the commerce is following the protocol and if the residents are at home.

I miss the freedom to come and go, to have street markets, to meet with friends.

The Brazilian government, as already known throughout the world, is divided between a president who goes against all security protocols and ministers and governors who are following WHO guidelines.

In fact, for me, all the insights lead me to believe that I have been making good choices in life. I have lived in the countryside for 21 years, I live a simple life and aware of my responsibilities in relation to the environment, the most just social relations and my spiritual quest.

I still can’t „see“ what will happen to us, after the most critical period of covid 19 in the world. The global socio-economic crisis has become more severe and sincerely, I hope that we can build more just and solidary relationships.

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