Ukraine, Verkhovyna: Mariia Synitovych, student

As for me, the coronavirus quarantine has completely changed my whole lifestyle: I’m forced to stay home, so I haven’t seen my friends for three weeks. I am used to gaining knowledge through distance learning. Any visit to the public is accompanied by a special mask and gloves. At home, be sure to wash and disinfect hands. If I used to hang out with my friends in the evenings, now by quarantine rules it is worth staying at home for self-isolation.

At the moment, our family strictly adheres to the rules of quarantine – this means that we at a minimum visit the shops, or only for an urgent need, we do not contact people once again, try not to visit public places, and necessarily follow all the rules of personal hygiene.

First of all, it was worth giving up meeting with friends, which became the hardest time for me during the quarantine.
Since we are not attending school now, it has become much more difficult to study. All that can come in handy now is the online courses.

Currently, there are 113 cases of coronavirus infection officially registered in Ukraine. This number is growing rapidly every day. The Ukrainian government is trying to introduce as much precaution as possible, but in my opinion, much more could have been done.

Medical facilities are not provided with sufficient medical supplies such as disposable masks, gloves, disinfectants, not to mention such devices as artificial ventilation devices, etc. Unfortunately, now ordinary citizens cannot buy masks or antiseptics at the pharmacy, the authorities must also take care. But in my opinion, more already depends on the same ordinary citizens. All they can do right now is just stay home and keep in touch with other people.

During the quarantine, the topic of coronavirus became very interesting to me. I started watching documentaries about various diseases, specifically about COVID-19. Now you want to help your family as much as possible, so it is very important to be aware of this topic.

No one knows for sure when this quarantine will end and what will happen next, but I assume that the effects of this virus will not be comforting. Of course, the economy has fallen all over the world and it will take a lot of effort and time to restore everything as it was before. Perhaps the environmental status will improve, as people are now far fewer in the streets. Now the world is going through very tragic events and only we can help ourselves and thus the whole planet.

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