Ukraine, Kryvorivnya: Vladislav Zelenchuk, 13, student

For me, quarantine has completely changed my whole life: I’m forced to stay home, so I haven’t seen my friends for about weeks. It’s hard because my usual workouts are over. And a little out of the ordinary, you need to keep yourself in the game tone, and at home, a little difficult, because what to do at home how not to eat?

At the moment, our family adheres to the quarantine rules – this means that we go to shops at a minimum,

we do not contact strangers again, we try not to visit public places, and we must adhere to all rules of personal hygiene.

First of all, you should refuse to meet your friends, which is not so easy. And it became more difficult to study because here you are looking for information yourself, and in the lessons, they explain everything to you.

Currently in Ukraine, quarantine for coronavirus. The state of emergency has also been introduced. And this is probably all that can be done, however, as it seems „salvation of drowning – the work of the drowning hands“ so it all depends on the people themselves and how they will be quarantined.

During quarantine, unlike Mary, I began to study the topic of viruses (including COVID-19), not because of curiosity, but from the fact that I was just bored. And noticed that almost every year there were such new coronaviruses are simply called differently. However, as far as I know now, some of them were made artificially, and COVID-19 was passed on to humans from animals, or rather bats are eaten by some Chinese.

Nobody knows that it will be possible to guess later. However, it can already be said that the economy of countries where the epidemic is going to fall hundreds of times.

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