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A Time for Transformation

Germany, Hannover: Nick Krichevsky, 36, Expert for transformative education at Educational Greenhouse

When the Shutdown arrived in Germany, I was a teacher doing a lot of normal teacher stuff. As they say, I was ‘in the grind’, focused on my work-life balance and juggling around my various hobbies, activities, and duties. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, came several intense months of personal and professional development, although I tend not to even separate the two ideas anymore.


Sustainably & Resilience

USA, Boston: B. Fross, 36, Education

I have been working in education most of my life and generally find myself able to tackle the challenges that present themselves in this field. However, as we have moved through this crisis, it has become increasing tough to support children, teams, as well as be strategic in building new structures for a shifting future. 

It feels as if we are building the plane while in flight. Early education especially (PK-2) has proven to be incredibly hard to transfer to


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