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Long story short

Poland, Pozńan: Marta Heldt, 16, student

I’m a high school student from Poland, Poznan, I want to share with you how the situation is handled in my country:
Hi, welcome to the short story about my last months. Horizontal position – I’ve been hearing this phrase for way too long from my mother. It’s not without a reason though. I have been spending way to much time in my bed recently. The feeling of frustration, questioning every decision made by our government. It’s hard to know what to do in times like that. The school in Poland closed really quickly.



Germany, Ostrhauderfehn: Angelo Coutinho, 19, Volunteer from Brazil (FöJ).

I am a Brazilian, living in my first months in Germany. With no doubt, one of the greatest benefits of living in Europe is being able to travel very cheaply, something impossible in Brazil. So, I found a flight to Poland for just 30 Euros. I bought it without thinking twice, how I have a cousin who lives in


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