Schlagwort: Education in times of Corona

A Time for Transformation

Germany, Hannover: Nick Krichevsky, 36, Expert for transformative education at Educational Greenhouse

When the Shutdown arrived in Germany, I was a teacher doing a lot of normal teacher stuff. As they say, I was ‘in the grind’, focused on my work-life balance and juggling around my various hobbies, activities, and duties. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, came several intense months of personal and professional development, although I tend not to even separate the two ideas anymore.


Generation Z and the Online Education Era: Are Schools and Universities in the Western Balkans ready? Experiences from the pandemic.

Bosnia and Hercegovina, Čelinac / Slovenia, Ljubljana: Amar Toplić, 24, youth worker & student in Ljubljana

From a social and cultural perspective, the Generation Z – also called „Zoomers“ – stands out from the previous generations – generation Y and X – for many reasons, which greatly influences the way they are learning. So, what characteristics describe Zoomers, and how those relate to learning in times of the Coronavirus pandemic? 
The Coronavirus outbreak is impacting the lives of Zoomers in their most critical stages in life. Generation Z or Zoomers refers to young people who were born between 1996 and 2012, …


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