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Interview mit Rosemitha

Frankreich, Rouen: Rosemitha, Studentin (Extended Content)

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Wie ist die aktuelle Situation während der Coronakrise für dich persönlich?

Ich bin seit dem 16. März mit meiner Mutter in unserem Haus eingesperrt. Wir haben das Glück, einen Garten zu haben, daher ist das Leben in der Enge etwas weniger schmerzhaft, weil wir dorthin gehen können. Der Lockdown läuft insgesamt gut für mich: Ich bin nicht depressiv, ich bedaure nur, dass ich nicht mit meinen Freunden ausgehen kann, um Spaß zu haben. Ich bleibe über


Interview with Valérie

France, Perpignan: Valérie, Coach (Extended Content)

What is the current situation during the Corona crisis like for you personally?

The situation due to the corona virus forces me to stay at home and to keep personal contacts to a minimum. I’ve only gone out six times since our state began the containment effort: Twice to pick up my organic fruit and vegetable basket, twice to go shopping, twice to go for a walk.


Inner Paintings

France, Ardeche / Turkey, Istanbul: Tuna Firat, 17, studend

I’m an exchange student from Turkey, Istanbul who currently lives in Ardeche (South of France). I’m sharing with you my Insights on Corona that I wrote a few weeks ago as well as some paintings I did during the quarantine.

Normally I should be returning to my home country -Turkey- on the 5th of July. Unfortunately, all the exchange student programs has ended with Coronavirus but they said that the borders are closed for a while.


10,000 exchange students have been sent back home

France, Aubenas / Germany, Bunde: Ina A., 18, student

The internet can be a very dangerous place, coined by negativity, but this blog can be something beautifully inspiring.

Hi, my name is Ina, 18 years old, and I’m a former exchange student from Germany. I live in the north of Germany, next to the Dutch border, on a farm. This year I should be spending in southern France until July but unfortunately, my organisation aborted our program due to the upcoming risks for us abroad. It was a Thursday evening in


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