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Waiting for the storm to pass

Colombia / Germany, Ostrhauderfehn: Linda Daybana, 21, refugee status

That’s how I’ve felt in the last weeks, with the COVID-19-Pandemic:
I started to observe that as the economic environment around us collapses, we also need to isolate ourselves from society.
On a personal level, like for those people who need to work, to buy, to travel, and also for those who live together, new opportunities will come, but just when the storm calms a little bit. We don’t know how


We share hope and solidarity from Ecuador and Colombia

Ecuador, Columbia: Claudia Gimena

The image expresses that our distance and confinement is only physical and geographical; we remain actively involved in social and environmental justice. 
We will hug each other again, is the desire of many people to get together as families and communities, and although our cultural language of greeting has “temporally” changed, the affection and the long to connect to nature and community spirit stays very alive.

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