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My Self-Isolation aka Raining Cats And Yoga

Germany, Zeven: Lotta Corleis, 18, student

1 | Essay-collection by students of a 12th grade English course

Lockdown is a strange situation no one ever prepares you for. Consequently, when they announced in the news how Germany would go into an indefinite period of isolating everyone whose job is not relevant to society my first reaction was anger. How dare this corona virus destroy all the plans I had made now that I had finally turned 18?! Ali, whose massive cat body was


Corona changed my life, Italy 2020

Italy, Scandiano: Giulia, 17, student

I just want to say to all the young kids reading this article, that they don’t have to settle for, (…) because young people of today are our future and we have to put faith in them (…).


Hi, my name is Giulia, I’m 17 years old and, at the moment, I’m studying in France. I’m from Italy, more specifically from the northern part. As many people know, the first Italian case of COVID-19 was detected around the 29th of January. Everyone thought it was nothing, just a bad flu but it wasn’t. Schools closed the 24th of February, “just for a week” said the president, a week that became three months. Basically, all my habits have changed, everything was different: there was no school and now I can say that I miss it, …


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