Uganda, Kampala: Irene Nalubwama, 27, counselor

Coronavirus has left very many people in tires, In Uganda where I come from everyone is on a lockdown, movements are restricted and there’s also curfew that starts from 7 pm to 6 am whoever does not obey the president’s order for curfew is charged with attempted murder. Some roads are closed, businesses closed, people are facing hard times whereby they have no food, no money to buy the food. The

government promised to provide ‚posho‘ and beans to the citizens but it has only been supplied to a few districts hence bringing complains to others. Due to the fact that all family members are present at home domestic violence is also on arise over 6 cases of deaths have happened.
Schools closed due to the pandemic of the virus however the students and parents are worried when the schools will have to open again. Teachers have come up with television shows where the students have work and do revision from there. Parents are complaining that the students at home are just watching movies, cartoons instead of educative programs.

The lockdown has some positivity in it, for example, there’s family bonding to some families, having a diet that not only contains oils but contains vitamins, fruits, greens instead of eating fries all the time. Also, the lockdown has taught the people hygiene washing hands with soap now and then, using sanitizers and practising the preventive measures of the virus, like social distancing and staying home.

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