Bosnia and Hercegovina, Banja Luka: Milica Jovičić, 23, student and project coordinator at Perpetuum Mobile

The obligations have not been interrupted, they have just been modified in some way. Although the generation that makes the most of online communication, certain challenges in the business world still require live communication, which is now virtually disabled. Some activities that reduce stress levels have ceased, so I can say that this can partially affect homework productivity. In addition, the risk is the absence of working

hours while we are in isolation, so it is difficult to make a clear line between work and rest.

Many jobs stopped, as did everyday life. Apart from the consequences that are visible to almost everyone due to isolation and change, everything is satisfactory so far. Fortunately, people from my area and family were also responsible and there were no cases of contagion. Apart from certain economic challenges, there are no significant problems.

I miss my social life the most. I gave up the traditional way of implementing certain business commitments, so we developed various online methods and approaches, which show good results.

The local authorities responded really quickly and this gave good results. I believe it can do better, but I would focus on the individual and individual responsibility in this situation.

Online communication is sometimes good, sometimes not. It’s hard because you can’t see the reaction, and it affects my concentration, so I can say that I’m partly used to it and I’m more prepared and more prepared for this form of action.

I believe the world will be shared just like that. A great test for all of us who has done some good things. I think we have a completely different approach and worldview and the development of certain strategies and approaches. A whole new concept.

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