Ukraine, Verkhovyna: Anastasia Zelenchuk, student

These 4 weeks of quarantine last forever. In an instant, my life changed radically. I spent all my time at home. I was very bored. The days were slow. At that time I was studying online, but I realized that communication with people will not be replaced by the Internet NEVER!!! I lacked meeting with friends (family), cycling, visiting crowded places (shops, theatres, parks, churches, schools), walking programs in the open air. During quarantine, I made many conclusions about my life

Currently, my family adheres to the quarantine and personal hygiene rules. We try not to visit crowded places, do not interact with family and friends.

During quarantine, I had to give up everyday life. But first of all, that’s not the point. We look forward to reducing the widespread COVID-19 in Ukraine.

I think the authorities are not doing enough, because in hospitals there are not enough masks, against plague suits, antiseptics, not to mention artificial ventilation apparatus and tests on COVID-19. There were also a small number of health workers. In a word, medicine is low.

In my opinion, we have become responsible. We began to worry and care for our relatives and their health. People just did not appreciate live communication with people, but in an instant, they lost it. I hope that after the end of COVID-19, people will make their conclusions and change their attitude towards people. I also noticed that during quarantine nature is resting from us. It has become less polluted.

What is going to happen after the quarantine? There is no definitive answer to this question, only time will tell. It is sad to admit that so many people have died from COVID-19. Also, students will go to school in the summer, this decision is not pleasant for everyone. We must now stay at home and follow the rules of the quarantine and hope for the best. With God’s help, we will overcome COVID-19.

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