Bosnia and Hercegovina, Sarajevo: Milan Ilić, 25, journalist

As for the condition itself, nothing has changed as I am in the habit of not leaving the house so much. It changed when I started volunteering at the Sarajevo Volunteer Team, where for 10 days we have been helping the elderly and vulnerable population in Sarajevo. We helped over 200 people. It did not affect me badly, as I was given the opportunity to volunteer and help others. I cannot speak for others, it is bad for everyone to be in self-isolation, not to be able to go out and everything is closed already at half past 5 pm.

Neither did I miss anything, nor did I give up anything. As I said, I gave all my resources that I have and together with the team, we contribute to the disadvantaged population. People don’t have to give up anything, just to find and get what they love and enjoy. Because we are living in the twenty-first century. We have everything available, from the internet to movies, games …

I think the authorities are doing a good job. Because they started at the right time with safety measures. While other states did not take the situation seriously, and now they have much bigger problems than we do.

I didn’t get any new experience. I have made new friends through this volunteering work that I do, and I get regular messages from people who support us and tell me that I’m doing great, and that makes me happy and satisfied.

It can be better because we will see more people on the streets and we can defeat a virus that has ravaged the world.
Honestly, I think things will change after the self-isolation and quarantine. People will be free and off their chains.

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