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Germany, Zeven: students, St.-Viti-Gymnasium

A 12th grade advanced English course from a Gymnasium in Germany, Zeven, wrote an essay collection about their "Corona/lockdown-stories". You'll get to know them in upcoming blog-posts! They wrote an Introduction on their collection for you blog readers. Stay tuned for their bitter-sweet stories!

„Moin people of the internet,
after two months of quarantine we can finally slowly but surely get back to the status quo. During this past self-isolation, there was one thing we all had in common: we were alone. Nevertheless, everyone dealt with that situation in their own way and therefore experienced this time-out from normality very individually. We, the senior class in advanced English of the St.Viti Gymnasium Zeven, shared our personal experiences as „quaranteens“ in a collection of narrative essays which

turned out to present quite the range of possible takes on this corona-time.
Even though none of us actually caught the virus (knock on wood) some were pretty sick of it whilst others seemed to have the time of their lives. If you are currently in need for some inspiration and emotional support or simply interested in some relatable and actually quite funny little home stories, feel free to follow them on this Blog.“

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