Bosnia and Hercegovina, Banja Luka: Nikola Radivojac, 20, peer-educator

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A song that was made out of fun from volunteers in a homemade studio.  It’s basically telling how people have it hard with the Corona-stuff, but still need to bee positive and enjoy life.

Lyrics: …

So, I’m gonna be honest I am not a real rapper or fact-checker not even a goal-getter
But I know the things are always happening for a good reason and I’m sure the situation will improve

But to do it soo – we need to keep ON washing our hands, keeping the distance
Just imagine that there is a fence
Just shake your heads or wave your hands when you see friends
And a big FACT don’t forget your FACE MASKS!

Ironically no one wants this 19 crown, even if someone wanted it he would be a clown

Salut to the warriors in white who are doing the best to save the rest of this pandemic trash
And to the volunteers bringing food, water or helping in any way
That’s a God-given gift of humanity*

Ideas to „rap on“:

The time will come and go
Money will come and go
People will come and go
Corona will come and go

BUT FOR THAT! we need to take care and be safe
Follow the rules of the government listen to the news and don’t be confused

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