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Ukraine, Krasnyk: Kristina Martyshchuk, 14, student

Recently, my life has changed dramatically due to the unexpected quarantine of the coronavirus. At the moment, my cheerful and energetic life has paused. Why? I’m forced to sit at home because of quarantine. Except for self-development, I don’t do anything. During quarantine, I don’t meet friends, I don’t walk, I just sit in the house. I’m very energetic and it’s hard for me. Now I have almost no motivation because the coronavirus

in Ukraine is spreading more and more and I do not know what will happen next. 

Will everything end up good or not? But I believe, that if people take this seriously and protect their health, then all will be good!

As for me and my family, we take this very seriously, my environment has changed. I don’t communicate with anyone but my family! My family also tries so hard not to show up in public and rarely visit the store, and if we need to, then we put on masks, gloves, and when we get home, we take care of our personal hygiene. Every day we perform procedures such as washing hands, rinsing the throat, consuming vitamins.

At the moment, I have had to give up my energetic lifestyle. I cannot spend time with friends, go to school, go to church, have fun, ride a bike and do whatever my opportunities allow. I miss my friends very much. And for the time that I could spend not the way I spend now.

Authorities, they are trying to do something. But in my opinion, it is not enough. Our government has done nothing like this at the moment, except that they have introduced quarantine and recommend that people stay at home and not interact with ‚outsiders‘. But compared to other countries it’s nothing! Ukraine cannot provide even basic medicines: disposable gloves, masks, antiseptics, etc. But it will not help if people do not keep themselves in quarantine.

In this short time, I have taken many things for myself and my perspective on life has changed. 

Once I did not understand how cool it is: going to school, hanging out with friends, going to the store, travelling. And when I just sit behind closed doors at home, then I realize that happiness is in simple things. Maybe my school is not perfect, friends are not faithful, travellers are not so cool, but they are still moments and time that is remembered for life. We need to see happiness in simple things. First of all, I’m partially happy that the coronavirus has appeared. 

It may sound scary, but I’ll explain why I think so. Now people do not know what happiness is. They are so immersed in money and have forgotten what real life is about. Everyone is not happy with something. Everyone does not like it. And you know why? Because they just live too good, their lives are really good, and nobody appreciates anything. And now I think: People will understand that happiness is in simple things!

Nobody knows anything about what will be after Corona-era, there is only an assumption. But in one I am sure; that the economy of Ukraine and other countries will go down significantly. People do not work (not all), the borders are closed (as everyone knows that many Ukrainians work abroad and now they will not be able to go somewhere).
For now, the world is in danger, but if we will protect ourselves it’ll help our planet! The earth we all share is not just a rock flying through space, but a living, caring creature. She takes care of all our needs and she deserves our care in return.

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