Ukraine, Lviv: Mykola, 21, student

Personally, the changes were quite sudden for me, although I had learned about this situation before, but it was quite unexpected for me. At first glance, it is reminiscent of the beginning of the apocalypse. What I see right now is the almost empty streets of my city, even people who go wherever they go, wear masks and look frightened in different directions. In stores, people in a panic „scratch“ everything they see, with the hope, at least that they will have enough money. On

buildings from the speakers, there are different sound messages, about the safety rules that must be observed in order not to become infected. When you come to your home, it may seem that you are hiding from the intense picture that is out there, but when you look at the media space of the Internet and television, it becomes even more unlike itself. Among the benefits of this, the situation has brought me more free time. But disadvantages, I miss training and cannot work because everything except the grocery stores, pharmacies and banks are closed under quarantine.

Fortunately, there is no direct influence on my health, or the health of my parents or friends, unless there is a change from the psychological side. Most of the people who are worried about getting sick, among my friends and acquaintances, are in the age of my parents and older. My peers do not care about this situation, but certainly not on the bad side. Among them, someone is always at home all the time, but there are those who arrange parties with colleagues, where they want and when they want. I had to give up youth events and nightclubs, and I still miss friends who are difficult to meet because of the lack of transport.

In my opinion, the government has made good decisions to prevent mass disease.

What I understood from this situation, and the experience that I have, and I think should certainly arise in every common man. It is, of course, to pay more attention to one’s own hygiene, and to limit the diet, that is the consumption of certain types of raw and semi-raw products. In this regard, it is also important to give up bad habits and care more about your health and try to keep it at least, not kill. And in the meantime, media literacy, especially in this situation, is equally important. For a rather small amount of time, I noticed enough fakes that are related to the coronavirus. These messages were in the form of texts, headings and plaques that carried absolutely false information. People need to be able to properly evaluate the information they are consuming with reason, not through the prism of negative emotions that trigger certain unsupported publications. And this part of the people should understand that the fake data specifically cause mass depression and big waves of public scandal. Massive misunderstandings or information warfare can cause false publications.

In my opinion, the changes that will be made after this situation will be big and global. In terms of the economy, this is a crisis, medicine needs to grow, sanitary standards and services need to strengthen their control over food production and market. Hospitals and medical equipment should be better, especially in those countries where the pandemic peak was highest. And change must also be in terms of self-organization and in political terms, that is, there must be an improvement. In general, humanity will become much more resilient to such problems that may arise in the future. And so, if changes affect everything, then the attitude to ecology must change too because how we see human health, life and death are highly dependent and have an inseparable connection with nature.

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