Poland: Gustavo, R&D Manager

1. What has changed for you in these four weeks?
Request to stay at home as much as possible, remote office for a longer time

2. How did the virus affect your surroundings/your family?
Closed commerce, bars, leisure, gyms, reduced transport. But for now, critical needs are being met.

3. What did you need to give up, what do you miss?
Going out to bars and restaurants, climbing gyms, being with people.

4. Do you think your government is doing a good prevention against the covid-19?
Health minister is doing a good job, reports and actions are being suggested, some state governors and taking measures as well. I’m not following too much media, so I don’t know too many details. It is important to keep economy running, especially in a country like Brazil, but there are some behaviours from the president that are too much in contradiction to what the Health minister and WHO is recommending, even considering the supercritical need of economy up and running.

5. What views/knowledge did you gain during the virus era?
It is possible to work remotely. In my case, I’m a manager, and managing remotely is not as efficient as being in person and talking and interacting with people face-to-face. Too many meetings online and too long time at the computer Internet can provide a great deal of information, both good and bad, both true and false. Filtering is almost impossible.

6. What do you think is going to happen after the quarantine, what is going to be different as before?
More people will request working-from-home more often and companies will realize this is a possible alternative since many infrastructure changes were already implemented because of Covid-19. Some people will simply go out and take some longer holidays to rest after this longer stressful period if they have money. Unemployment should increase during the crisis time, so the market should slowly start getting back on track

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