USA, Hillsboro: Mykola, 28, student

It is a very strange time to be alive, and even more strange to now see my classmates and teachers through a screen. More so than the alienation of the person, I have felt the ever-increasing alienation of ideas at this time.
There are no extra interactions that happen outside of arranged class times (i.e. talking in the hallway or before class starts), and that sometimes feels like you are truly alone in the way that you processed the situation or your conceptualization of what’s going on socially and educationally. …

(…) we are after all at our best when socially supported


… It has been eye-opening to call people out of class and find out they share my ideas or they have surprising insight. It has taken a lot of effort on my part to make sure that I am constantly in contact with other people so that I have a more holistic point of view of my own understanding and the understanding of others.

If anyone feels socially and ideologically isolated like I do sometimes, I highly encourage you to reach out to others through whatever safe means possible to you – we are after all at our best when socially supported.

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