Germany, Zeven: Michelle Schäfer, 18, student

6 | Essay-collection by students of a 12th grade English course
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The corona virus shut down the whole world. The new reality – closed restaurants and malls as well as the lockdown – mislead a lot of people, but for me, self-isolation was a relaxing time of finding myself.
Spending time sitting in the garden made me feel well-rested and balanced. Tree leaves

were blowing in the warm spring wind, birds chirping while flying in the air and in addition, the sun was shining on my face. “Mom, I’m so bored” the neighbours` kid screamed. I spent the time with my family. Playing games, sitting around the campfire and having a barbecue was part of my new daily life. “Mom, I don’t know what I should do!”, the neighbours` kid started crying. I watched the flowers and bees closely and it let me forget about all the stress I had because of school or hobbies. Everything felt more relaxing and harmonious. Even the grocery shopping became a highlight in my life.

Although it’s like the whole world is going down due to the corona virus, I feel relaxed and found myself. I feel like I can start a new way of dealing with school.

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