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Interview mit Noémie

Frankreich, Rouen: Noémie, Ärztin (Extended Content)

                                                   English version below

Wie ist die aktuelle Situation während der Coronakrise für dich persönlich?

Der Coronavirus hat meine tägliche Arbeit in dem Krankenhaus sehr verändert. Tagsüber arbeite ich in der Abteilung für Innere Medizin und behandle Nicht-Coronavirus-Patienten. Da Besuch in den momentanen Gesundheitsstrukturen verboten sind, sehe ich viele isolierte Patientinnen und Patienten, die alleine gegen eine schwere Krankheit kämpfen und dadurch noch anfälliger sind.


The Masterplan

Germany, Zeven: Ruven Bellmann, 18, student

3 | Essay-collection by students of a 12th grade English course

It might sound quite macabre but the quarantine, at first, sounded like a wish-come-true to me. The most annoying part of school is and will always be getting up early. Not because I’m a loafer – it’s the system’s fault, I swear!
Therefore, after some time figuring out how the hell school will be supposed to work,


Me in the world of “Ratatouille”

Germany, Zeven: Amélie Meyer, 17, student

2 | Essay-collection by students of a 12th grade English course

When we were told to stay at home to avoid getting infected with coronavirus, I felt totally overtaxed. After all the time when people told me to do as much as possible, I didn’t know how to not do anything. I imagined self-isolation as a time of loneliness and boredom and already saw myself sitting in the corner twitching nervously. So it was a big surprise


My Self-Isolation aka Raining Cats And Yoga

Germany, Zeven: Lotta Corleis, 18, student

1 | Essay-collection by students of a 12th grade English course

Lockdown is a strange situation no one ever prepares you for. Consequently, when they announced in the news how Germany would go into an indefinite period of isolating everyone whose job is not relevant to society my first reaction was anger. How dare this corona virus destroy all the plans I had made now that I had finally turned 18?! Ali, whose massive cat body was


Blog feature: Introducing the upcoming essay collection of a 12th grade!

Germany, Zeven: students, St.-Viti-Gymnasium

A 12th grade advanced English course from a Gymnasium in Germany, Zeven, wrote an essay collection about their "Corona/lockdown-stories". You'll get to know them in upcoming blog-posts! They wrote an Introduction on their collection for you blog readers. Stay tuned for their bitter-sweet stories!

„Moin people of the internet,
after two months of quarantine we can finally slowly but surely get back to the status quo. During this past self-isolation, there was one thing we all had in common: we were alone. Nevertheless, everyone dealt with that situation in their own way and therefore experienced this time-out from normality very individually. We, the senior class in advanced English of the St.Viti Gymnasium Zeven, shared our personal experiences as „quaranteens“ in a collection of narrative essays which


Interview mit Jordan

Großbritannien, Bristol: Jordan, Student (Extended Content)

                                                   English version below

Wie ist die aktuelle Situation während der Coronakrise für dich persönlich?

Der Virus hat mich persönlich nicht so stark beeinflusst, weil ich keinen Job hatte, aber meine Freunde sind alle arbeitslos geworden, was ätzend ist. Bisher nutzen wir alle die Zeit der Quarantäne so gut es geht: Wir hängen zusammen rum, malen, zeichnen und lesen und genießen das langsame Tempo.


Corona Rap

Bosnia and Hercegovina, Banja Luka: Nikola Radivojac, 20, peer-educator

A song that was made out of fun from volunteers in a homemade studio.  It’s basically telling how people have it hard with the Corona-stuff, but still need to bee positive and enjoy life.

Lyrics: …


Interview with Valérie

France, Perpignan: Valérie, Coach (Extended Content)

What is the current situation during the Corona crisis like for you personally?

The situation due to the corona virus forces me to stay at home and to keep personal contacts to a minimum. I’ve only gone out six times since our state began the containment effort: Twice to pick up my organic fruit and vegetable basket, twice to go shopping, twice to go for a walk.


Corona-Krise in Ungarn

Hungary, Gárdony: Kitti Fónagy Márta, 17, student

                                                   English version below

Mein Name ist Kitti Fónagy Márta und ich bin eine 17 Jahre alte Schülerin aus Ungarn. Ich lebe in einer Kleinstadt auf dem halben Weg zwischen unserer Hauptstadt Budapest und dem größten See Ungarns, der Plattensee (Balaton). Meine Stadt Gárdony liegt


Long story short

Poland, Pozńan: Marta Heldt, 16, student

I’m a high school student from Poland, Poznan, I want to share with you how the situation is handled in my country:
Hi, welcome to the short story about my last months. Horizontal position – I’ve been hearing this phrase for way too long from my mother. It’s not without a reason though. I have been spending way to much time in my bed recently. The feeling of frustration, questioning every decision made by our government. It’s hard to know what to do in times like that. The school in Poland closed really quickly.

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