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At the end of the tunnel

Uganda, Kampala: Irene Nakakande, 34, Deputy Executive Director at Somero Uganda

As Lucy sits near her window to welcome yet another day, she can’t help but thank God for having enabled her to enter into day 7 of the 21 days of extended lockdown.

Like any other Ugandan, Lucy is worried about how much of the food she stocked is still available in her blue bucket and how long it will sustain her family during this lockdown. But far from that, Lucy is more troubled by her little son Martin who was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia at birth.


What’s in for Youths?

Uganda, Kampala: Linda Nambuusi, 27, social worker

Shall we be able to recover after the crisis? Or shall we be able to survive?
Uganda is one of the East African countries that have been affected by COVID-19, a disease that is caused by corona virus, socially and economically in a positive and negative way (this sounds crazy but yes positively).
As I sit down to write and share with you, we are standing at 55 positive cases and 20 patients were discharged.


The Lockdown of my country Uganda

Uganda, Kampala: Irene Nalubwama, 27, counselor

Coronavirus has left very many people in tires, In Uganda where I come from everyone is on a lockdown, movements are restricted and there’s also curfew that starts from 7 pm to 6 am whoever does not obey the president’s order for curfew is charged with attempted murder. Some roads are closed, businesses closed, people are facing hard times whereby they have no food, no money to buy the food. The


Readiness of schools to handle COVID Pandemic

Uganda, Kampala: Geofrey Nsubuga, 39, social worker

A population of over 600M worldwide is still within the education system. In Uganda, the education sector estimates over 15 million students in primary, secondary and higher institutions of learning. Unfortunately, all have been shut down due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Communities have come up with different ways of passing on knowledge to students. Uganda has for the


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