Germany, Zeven: Ruven Bellmann, 18, student

3 | Essay-collection by students of a 12th grade English course
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It might sound quite macabre but the quarantine, at first, sounded like a wish-come-true to me. The most annoying part of school is and will always be getting up early. Not because I’m a loafer – it’s the system’s fault, I swear!
Therefore, after some time figuring out how the hell school will be supposed to work,

I really anticipated a relaxing, flexible but productive time. „For goodness‘ sake, work Home-Office when you’re grown-up If you need more time“ was what my mom

always told me when I complained that I want more time to spend on sleep and things I want to achieve other than graduating. So now I’ve got everything I wanted, right?

Step 1 of my Masterplan: Get more sleep. Sleeping until 12 am to 1 pm sounds delightful, I thought. But as my mom tells me as well, I don’t think of the consequences most of the time… And fair enough, she was right. After realizing that it already was 5 am when I encountered my dad in the bathroom who wanted to shower, I sprinted up to my bed and desperately wanted to get some rest. When I woke up the next day it was 5 pm already. So that didn’t go well…
My other idea: Using my new spare time for my hobbies. I even made money designing on my computer but as soon as I entered a call with my friends online, my motivation faded and instead, we were dying of laughter as the first part of my quarantine ended with me photoshopping my friend riding a lobster on a piece of bread. So that didn’t go well.
As the last two weeks rolled in I asked myself: -how did I end up here? -…well technically you’re lying on your bed… That’s it, I’ve had enough, it’s time to restore my plans!
Of course, the first challenge would be getting up early… I set my alarm and slept… for not as long as expected because my cat decided to puke right on my carpet at 5 am. Panicking, cleaning, sleeping… and whoops! 5 pm again.
„Alright, then at least I’ll try to use the evening hours to make money again“ – I thought. Well, as it turns out my cat does not like keyboard noises during it’s 4 am nap. So then he decided to tell me by peeing on my sofa as a protest. His blank stare as he did it just screamed: „Your fault, honestly“.
So… in the end, I gave up. Destiny and especially my cat apparently wanted me to stay the lazy potato I am. The moral of the story: Don’t start a fight with a cat and stay true to yourself I guess…

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