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Corona Diary from Luxembourg

Luxembourg, Echternach / Hungary, Budapest: Sofia, 31, mother

My name is Sofia, I’m 31 and originally I am from Hungary. We moved to Luxembourg more than 5 years ago with my husband. I am currently unemployed, was looking actively for a job before COVID-19, but now there are many unemployed here in Luxembourg (as everywhere else sadly) so I decided to leave it for now and focus on some other things.
When COVID-19 hit we had a lot of changes as my 2,5-year-old child was suddenly at home with us, which was not really the


Corona-Krise in Ungarn

Hungary, Gárdony: Kitti Fónagy Márta, 17, student

                                                   English version below

Mein Name ist Kitti Fónagy Márta und ich bin eine 17 Jahre alte Schülerin aus Ungarn. Ich lebe in einer Kleinstadt auf dem halben Weg zwischen unserer Hauptstadt Budapest und dem größten See Ungarns, der Plattensee (Balaton). Meine Stadt Gárdony liegt


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