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Global call to re-think education – learn to change!

African, Asian, European and Latin American Countries
different cities worldwide
: Learn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists. Educators, practitioners and activists for change

Everything is related and interconnected


A group of Learn2Change-members from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America who met in several video conferences wrote the attached “Global Call to re-think education – learn to change!”. We call for a global turning of our paradigms of education, as well as of our production and consumption patterns, and the way wealth is being distributed and accumulated. We need educative activism against exclusion and


Covid-19 arrived shaking the routine…

Brazil, Florianópolis (state-capital of Santa Catarina): Alice Levy da Paz, 19, student

Covid-19 arrived shaking the routine of the whole world, and it was underrated in how much this virus would impact everyone’s life. Brazil had started normal activities after the carnival, my routine was finally aligning until the cases started to appear. After 6 confirmed cases in the state in less than a week, the governor suspended any agglomeration and in a few days, all institutions and businesses were closed with no expected return. My classes are suspended indefinitely, which can


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