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My life during self-isolation

Germany, Zeven: Michelle Schäfer, 18, student

6 | Essay-collection by students of a 12th grade English course

The corona virus shut down the whole world. The new reality – closed restaurants and malls as well as the lockdown – mislead a lot of people, but for me, self-isolation was a relaxing time of finding myself.
Spending time sitting in the garden made me feel well-rested and balanced. Tree leaves


Happiness is in small things

Ukraine, Krasnyk: Kristina Martyshchuk, 14, student

Recently, my life has changed dramatically due to the unexpected quarantine of the coronavirus. At the moment, my cheerful and energetic life has paused. Why? I’m forced to sit at home because of quarantine. Except for self-development, I don’t do anything. During quarantine, I don’t meet friends, I don’t walk, I just sit in the house. I’m very energetic and it’s hard for me. Now I have almost no motivation because the coronavirus


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