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Corona could change attitudes

Ukraine, Verkhovyna: Khrystyna Filypchuk, student

In these weeks, my life has changed dramatically a lot. After all, I have to stay home every day to keep myself safe from this virus. But I try to have fun and benefit from this time. I study remotely and connect with my friends online.

About the influence of the virus on my environment and family: I am used to being able to go out or go for a walk with my friends at any time. But alas, when COVID-19 was recorded in Ukraine, the authorities


Quarantine has completely changed my whole life

Ukraine, Kryvorivnya: Vladislav Zelenchuk, 13, student

For me, quarantine has completely changed my whole life: I’m forced to stay home, so I haven’t seen my friends for about weeks. It’s hard because my usual workouts are over. And a little out of the ordinary, you need to keep yourself in the game tone, and at home, a little difficult, because what to do at home how not to eat?

At the moment, our family adheres to the quarantine rules – this means that we go to shops at a minimum,


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