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Bosnia and Hercegovina: Monika, 20, student

1. What has changed for you in the last weeks?
I figured out what it’s like to have some time for yourself and your family.

2. How did the virus affect your surroundings/your family?
My family and I are much closer but also a lot stressed out because of all this. So we are being extra careful with this going on.

3. What did you need to give up, what do you miss?
I used to be very active in all my activities outside of the house so I



Bosnia and Hercegovina, Banja Luka: Mateo Jeremic, 17, student and musician

1. What has changed for you in these four weeks?
The whole life has changed… No more going out with friends, no coffee shops, no coffee to drink…

2. How did the Virus affect your surroundings/your family?
It influenced me by being 24/7 in the house and the environment – the streets are deserted, the city is deserted … nowhere living souls


We helped over 200 people

Bosnia and Hercegovina, Sarajevo: Milan Ilić, 25, journalist

As for the condition itself, nothing has changed as I am in the habit of not leaving the house so much. It changed when I started volunteering at the Sarajevo Volunteer Team, where for 10 days we have been helping the elderly and vulnerable population in Sarajevo. We helped over 200 people. It did not affect me badly, as I was given the opportunity to volunteer and help others. I cannot speak for others, it is bad for everyone to be in self-isolation, not to be able to go out and everything is closed already at half past 5 pm.


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