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Corona Diary from Luxembourg

Luxembourg, Echternach / Hungary, Budapest: Sofia, 31, mother

My name is Sofia, I’m 31 and originally I am from Hungary. We moved to Luxembourg more than 5 years ago with my husband. I am currently unemployed, was looking actively for a job before COVID-19, but now there are many unemployed here in Luxembourg (as everywhere else sadly) so I decided to leave it for now and focus on some other things.
When COVID-19 hit we had a lot of changes as my 2,5-year-old child was suddenly at home with us, which was not really the


A moment of extreme uncertainty

Brazil, state of Minas Gerais: Alexandre Coutinho, 55, self-deployed (repairing bicycles, woodwork, paintings, etc.)

Our region is mountainous and touristic. We are isolated, we are not receiving guests, but we know that the region was taken as a refuge by many … We do not have registered cases of COVID-19 in the region, but in nearby cities, where we need to go with some frequency.

Many residents are not practising social isolation, they act as usual and this worries me!
We have a basic health unit, for


Covid-19 radically changed my routine

Brazil, Visconde de Mauá: Ana Rita Nogueira, 54, artisanal producer of processed products

In the last 4 weeks, the spread of covid 19 in the world and in Brazil has radically changed my routine. I started social isolation. I am selling my products on the Internet, with extra care at the time of baking/cooking (wearing a mask at all stages). I am making the delivery at the house in Mauá, leaving it hanging on a bag. The consumer pays via bank transfer.

Tomorrow I go to Mauá to produce, after


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