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The circle of desire and I

Germany, Zeven: Anita Kappes, 18, student

4 | Essay-collection by students of a 12th grade English course

Human desire is something strange, isn’t it? It is an eternal circle in life that goes round and round without ever stopping just like the heart that never stops. When you are out in public, you long for loneliness, for time just for yourself. However, once you are in self-isolation and sitting at home all alone, you miss the crowded places and want to go back. We always


Corona-Krise in Ungarn

Hungary, Gárdony: Kitti Fónagy Márta, 17, student

                                                   English version below

Mein Name ist Kitti Fónagy Márta und ich bin eine 17 Jahre alte Schülerin aus Ungarn. Ich lebe in einer Kleinstadt auf dem halben Weg zwischen unserer Hauptstadt Budapest und dem größten See Ungarns, der Plattensee (Balaton). Meine Stadt Gárdony liegt


Global call to re-think education – learn to change!

African, Asian, European and Latin American Countries
different cities worldwide
: Learn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists. Educators, practitioners and activists for change

Everything is related and interconnected


A group of Learn2Change-members from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America who met in several video conferences wrote the attached “Global Call to re-think education – learn to change!”. We call for a global turning of our paradigms of education, as well as of our production and consumption patterns, and the way wealth is being distributed and accumulated. We need educative activism against exclusion and


It was worth giving up meeting with friends

Ukraine, Verkhovyna: Mariia Synitovych, student

As for me, the coronavirus quarantine has completely changed my whole lifestyle: I’m forced to stay home, so I haven’t seen my friends for three weeks. I am used to gaining knowledge through distance learning. Any visit to the public is accompanied by a special mask and gloves. At home, be sure to wash and disinfect hands. If I used to hang out with my friends in the evenings, now by quarantine rules it is worth staying at home for self-isolation.



Germany, Braunschweig: David Windisch, 24, Student

Durch die Fenster drückt die Sonne ihr Licht mit voller Kraft,
schlägt mir ihre Lebensfreude und Glück entgegen.
Sie will mir sagen: „Komm zu mir, der Winter ist geschafft.“
Anstatt rauszugehen ziehe ich die Vorhänge zu und lege mich wieder schlafen.

Schreiend glitzern die Strahlen durch jeden noch offenen Schlitz und wollen mich zu sich locken.
Die Konsole piept, der Fernseher leuchtet  kalt – immer nur Zuhause hocken.


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