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Happiness is in small things

Ukraine, Krasnyk: Kristina Martyshchuk, 14, student

Recently, my life has changed dramatically due to the unexpected quarantine of the coronavirus. At the moment, my cheerful and energetic life has paused. Why? I’m forced to sit at home because of quarantine. Except for self-development, I don’t do anything. During quarantine, I don’t meet friends, I don’t walk, I just sit in the house. I’m very energetic and it’s hard for me. Now I have almost no motivation because the coronavirus


Quarantine has completely changed my whole life

Ukraine, Kryvorivnya: Vladislav Zelenchuk, 13, student

For me, quarantine has completely changed my whole life: I’m forced to stay home, so I haven’t seen my friends for about weeks. It’s hard because my usual workouts are over. And a little out of the ordinary, you need to keep yourself in the game tone, and at home, a little difficult, because what to do at home how not to eat?

At the moment, our family adheres to the quarantine rules – this means that we go to shops at a minimum,


„Climate Cycle Tour“ meets „Bridge The Distance“

Germany, Ostrhauderfehn: Chuck Niessit, 33, project coordinator at Peer-Leader-International e.V.

Hello, my name is Chuck Niessit and I’m running the international project Climate Cycle Tour, in which we try to get more young people active in the topic of climate change.

Normally, we would be on our bikes through Bosnia and Herzegovina right now, riding each day to another place to have a public reading of our modern adaption


Humanity will become much more resilient

Ukraine, Lviv: Mykola, 21, student

Personally, the changes were quite sudden for me, although I had learned about this situation before, but it was quite unexpected for me. At first glance, it is reminiscent of the beginning of the apocalypse. What I see right now is the almost empty streets of my city, even people who go wherever they go, wear masks and look frightened in different directions. In stores, people in a panic „scratch“ everything they see, with the hope, at least that they will have enough money. On


These 4 weeks of quarantine…

Ukraine, Verkhovyna: Anastasia Zelenchuk, student

These 4 weeks of quarantine last forever. In an instant, my life changed radically. I spent all my time at home. I was very bored. The days were slow. At that time I was studying online, but I realized that communication with people will not be replaced by the Internet NEVER!!! I lacked meeting with friends (family), cycling, visiting crowded places (shops, theatres, parks, churches, schools), walking programs in the open air. During quarantine, I made many conclusions about my life


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